Our Services

Westernscape Landscaping services offer impeccable landscaping services in the town. Our architects, designers, horticulturists and landscape installers are professional service providers notably known for their skill, professional attitude, attention and reliable customer care services.

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Residential Landscaping

Our landscaping services include services like outdoor grass and lighting installation, excavation, and wood structure construction etc. We take care of your landscaping impressions and help your space come to its full utilization. Our goal is to create beautiful landscaping spaces for our clients that require unique, personalized and innovative touch of our exceptional services.

Commercial Landscaping

Westernscape Landscaping offers exceptional commercial landscaping services in town!
We offer exclusive customer care services to renovate your business space and help you attract more clients. Our specialists will take care of your outdoor space and turn it into a beautiful commercial business setting. Our team will take a tour of your commercial space, check the required assistance it requires and offer you an outline. Our representatives will then quote you the charges and plan layout of the assistance provided.
Services we offer will include
A dedicated customer service representative
Yearly maintenance plan
Exceptional 24/7 customer care service
Weekly property maintenance
Plant coloration and health
Turf care
Design and advancement services
Modern irrigation services
Ice and snow services

Artificial Grass Design and Installation

We offer excellent and reliable artificial grass design and installation services. Our maintenance-free artificial grass installation is durable and visually-appealing at the same time. Artificial grass installation is best for creating a space that is safe for children and pet companions to play around.
Did you know artificial grass installation is not just an experience but a sustainable investment? Our landscaping company offers different shades of grass installation that make your outdoor space feel more inviting and comfortable. Using only the best materials, Westernscape Landscaping services provide a long-term investment opportunity that upscale your present living experience and help as an investment in future.

Natural, Decorative Pathways

Pathways can be decorative, natural and beautiful. When it comes to decorative landscaping, aesthetics play a great role. Westernscape Landscaping services offer design and installation of natural and decorative pathways to make your living space standout. We offers repair services for the already-built pathways as well. Our exceptional architects are fully known to deliver only the best designs and ideas to our esteemed customers.
From choosing the design to deciding the material, we offer personalized renovations as per our client portfolio. We take pride in using only the high-quality materials in the making of your beautiful pathways. Luxurious and eye-catchy natural pathways also work as a longtime investment. It is the visually-appealing look that engages someone to take notice of your taste and lifestyle.
Westernscape Landscaping services also provide fantastically reliable after-care services for any inconveniences.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn is one of the most important and eye-catchy spaces of your house. We provide reliable lawn maintenance services to renovate and modernize your outdoor or indoor lawn spaces. We take care of both – health and beauty of your lawns. Be it plants, flowers or grass and water installation, we make sure everything is healthy, up-to-date and inviting for your loved ones to enjoy this serene area.
Our skilled professionals are fully trained to help you maintain your lawn. We offer a range of services in this matter:
Insect control
Disease prevention

We also offer carefully specialized and personalized services that include flower design, property advancements, trash petrol, leaf removal, seasonal color displays, ice and snow services etc. Feel free to contact us, we will send our reliable representative to carry an inspection and quote you a fair price for the services you require.


Excavating an area is a tedious chore and an art to perform. We provide high-quality excavating services to our clients that require excavation of certain spaces for future use. Our skilled team ensures proper excavation with professional handling of your outdoor space.
Whether you are installing a French drain, starting a new construction setup, or installing a septic system, we are here to provide you our professional excavation services.
Our services will include
Professional team assistance
Timely guidance of which materials, design and structure to choose
Aftercare service for better experience in future

Gazebos, Decks, Structures & Pergolas

Westernscape Landscaping offers specialized patio experiences throughout the city and town. We provide services for installation of luxurious gazebo or pergola and new deck. Our landscaping services only use quality materials and professional processes for the selection of texture, color, aesthetics, function and location as per the client requirements. Give us a chance to showcase our portfolio and make you our customer.

Outdoor Patios

Westernscape Landscaping services provide cozy and luxury-infused outdoor patios of your dreams. We offer customizations and focus on what our client desires. Whether it’s the renovation of the old patio or the installation of a new one, our talented team will guide you through a series of steps to follow and achieve your desired patio. From selection of materials to deciding the budget, our personalized team will guide you through the options.
We offer outdoor patios in following materials
Outdoor patio is a perfect place for a family get together or a soothing evening. Regardless, it is a place where you will lays your eyes on daily basis. Our professional team will exhibit a personalized portfolio to meet your requirements regarding the design, color, aesthetics and overall visual appeal.
An impressionably designed patio will also make a good investment in future, contact us for further information.

Snow Removal Services

Snow removal is a necessity in commercial as well as residential setting in winters. Westernscape Landscaping services offer snow removal services to commercial offices, site areas, parking lots, residential setting and etc.
We clear driveways, front walkways, and snow shoveling from roof using deicing products. The snow removal services are dependent and charged on season, inch and hour basis. Therefore, it is important to have a plan beforehand while constructing a building to take care of your snow build-up problems.

Call us to get a quote to avail our amazing services on your doorstep.